Fine chemical materials


Fine chemical materials

Fluorene derivatives, optical plastic

Based on the coal chemistry technology accumulated by our company over a long period of time, we make use of the excellent optical properties and heat resistance of fluorene derivatives applying them to liquid crystal displays, cell phone camera lenses, and semiconductor-related materials.
Fluorene is one of the elements contained in coal tar. When various benzene rings are bonded to fluorene, a fluorene derivative is obtained. A fluorene derivative has a three-dimensional configuration called a 'cardo structure'. As the cardo structure contains a lot of aromatic rings, this structure has a high refractive index and high heat resistance. In addition, as each of the aromatic rings faces in a different direction, the optical anisotropy is reduced, and birefringence becomes weaker. Our company produces various types of fluorene derivatives. Polyester resin is used for digital camera lenses, acrylate for various types of liquid crystal films, and epoxy for thermosetting resin.
Fluorene derivatives
Monomer (bisphenol, bisalcohol) For resin raw material
Polyester (OKP Optical Plastic) For injection molding
Acrylate For UV curable resin
Epoxy (for heat curable resin) For heat curable resin
Fluorene derivative products Image
Fluorene derivative products
Basic structure of fluorene derivatives (Cardo structure) Imag
Basic structure of
fluorene derivatives
(Cardo structure)

Polysilane for optoelectronic

Has Si-Si bonds in the main skeleton, photoreactive and high re fractive index, since it has features such as high heat resistance,
it is suitable for coating and patterning applications.

Features of the photoreactive materials and photo patterning ma terials

Application Examples

  • Photoresist for patterning (High refractive index, High heat resistance, Transparency, Developable)
  • ITO film for coating (High refractive index, Transparency)
  • Interlayer insulating film for coating (Low dielectric constant)
  • Color filter for coating (High refractive index, High heat resistance)
  • Antireflection film for the initiator (Photoreactive, High refractive index)

You can use it in resin modification applications.

Application Examples