About us

The Osaka Gas Chemicals Group has top-class technologies and market shares in various business areas of the functional materials market. We have developed our own technologies in a wide range of fields, and provide advanced materials solutions and adsorption and separation solutions around the world.

advanced materials solutions

We offers value to customers with its proprietary technologies and high-quality material solutions.

adsorption and separation solutions

Through manufacturing, we contribute to a sustainable society, in which people live in harmony with nature.

ファイン材料事業部 保存剤事業部 水澤化学工業株式会社 CF材料事業部 活性炭事業部 Jacobi Carbons AB

Group companies Companies profile

Osaka Gas Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (OGCS) Import/Export and sales of carbon and organic materials
OSAKA GAS CHEMICALS(TAIWAN)CO., LTD. Import/Export and sales of fine chemical materials
Jacobi Carbons AB (Jacobi Carbons Group) Production and sales of all types of activated carbon
Mizusawa Industrial chemicals, Ltd. Production and sales of adsorbent materials and resin additives
Minabe Chemical Industries, Ltd. Production and sale of high-performance activated carbon such as powdered coal and granular coal
Davao Central Chemical Corporation (DCCC) Production and sale of granular activated carbon made from coconut shells
AD'ALL Co., Ltd. Production of activated carbon fiber materials
FulFine, Co., Ltd. Production of fine chemical materials
JO Carbon Co., Ltd. Production and sales of isotropic pitch, etc.