Corporate information

Corporate profile

Company name Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Head Office Domecity Gas Bldg. 2-37, Chiyozaki 3-chome-minami, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0023, Japan
TEL (+81)-6-4393-0181  FAX (+81)-6-4393-0191
CEO Takeshi Sakakitani, President and CEO
Establishment September 21, 1931
Beginning of Business June 29, 1949
Capital stock 14.2 billion yen (shareholder: Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.)
Amount of sales 33.5 billion yen (Ltd in Fiscal Year 2023)
Workforce About 400
Business activities
  1. Production and sale of carbon fiber and its applied material (molded insulators, nonwoven felt, lightweight acoustic insulator)
  2. Production and sale of activated carbon, activated carbon fiber and adsorbent (air-conditioning filters, water purifier cartridges, etc.)
  3. Production and sale of Fine Materials (for liquid crystals, optics, and electronics field)
  4. Production and sale of wood preservatives, termite control products, and industrial preservatives

Company history

(Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd)

1931 Company Establishment
1937 Commenced production and sales of activated carbon with Takeda "Shirasagi" brand
1947   Kansai Tar Products Co., Ltd. was established to sell benzene and tar products.
1949 Company name was changed to Kinki Coke Sales Co., Ltd. and began selling coke.  
1969     Commenced Importation and sales of Xylamon: termite control products
1971     Commenced Importation and sales of Xyladecor: wood care paints
1991 Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd. was established by integrating the coke, chemical, and carbon materials businesses.
1992 Hirakata Plant was established. (Life environment related business)
1996 Began Battery materials business
2001 Began Fine materials business
2003   Inaugurated as Japan EnviroChemicals, Ltd.,
spun off from Takeda Pharmaceutical
Company Ltd.
2004 Nara Surface Technology Center was established.
2005 DONAC Plant was established. (currently CF Materials Production Center)
2005 Brought Japan EnviroChemicals, Ltd. Into the group
2009 Left Chemical products business.
2012 Established Frontier Materials Laboratories.
2014 Brought Jacobi Carbons AB and its 19 subsidiaries into the group
2015 Unified Japan EnviroChemicals, Ltd.
Brought Mizusawa Industrial chemicals Co., Ltd. into the group