Personal information protection policy

We recognize that protection of personal information is one of the fundamental conducts of our business, and that proper protection of personal information is one of our important responsibilities. We have the following personal information protection policy and make efforts to ensure the implementation of the policy.

  1. When we collect personal information, we make clear the purpose in advance. We collect personal information in a lawful and righteous way.
  2. When we make use of personal information, we use it only within the scope necessary to achieve our business purposes. The content of our business is as listed below.
    • 1)  Production and sale of carbon material products such as carbon fiber, activated carbon fiber, antistatic material, adsorbent
    • 2)  Sale of petroleum products and chemical industry products
    • 3)  Sale of benzene, tar, and coke products
    • 4)  Sale of apparel products, everyday sundries, foods, cosmetics, and health foods
    • 5)  Design, construction, and management of engineering and construction works
    • 6)  Real estate rental business
    • 7)  All businesses in connection with or in relation to the paragraphs above
  3. We take appropriate measures including educational programs to prevent unlawful access to personal information and leakages, losses, and falsification of personal information.
  4. We abide by the laws and regulations in relation to protection of personal information and other relevant laws and regulations.