Resin additives


Resin additives

Compatibilizer for composite materials

What is MARICOM®?
・This is a masterbatch of compatibilizer based on polyethylene resin.
・Blending of compatibilizer “MARICOM®" allows for kneading
 between normally incompatible resins or with an incompatible filler.

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Silicon-based resin modifier

OGSOL SI-10-40 has the higher compatibility in polyolefin resins such as PP and it improves the adhesivity and durability.

Polycarbonate blended with SI-30-10 have the superior properties of the flame retardancy.

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Features of the silicon-based resin modifier

Flow improver for engineering plastics OGSOL MF-11

OGSOL MF-11 is a flow improver from our brand-new concept.
It is highly compatible with both crystalline and non-crystalline resins, and improves fluidity without deteriorating the resins' own properties. Therefore, it is favorable for improving processability of resins.

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Features and effects

Since it enables fluidity improvement of resins with maintaining other properties,
MF-11 is favorable for a resin modifier to improve molding processability.

Result of addition to polyamide (PA66) resin (Non reinforced, GF reinforced, CF reinforced)

Great improvement of MFR

Improvement of elastic modulus

Preserving other properties

Applications for which MF-11 is especially effective

Low temperature molding

Thin-wall molding

Precision molding

Highly-filled molding