Resin additives


Resin additives

Polyolefin resin modifier

OGSOL SI-10-40 has the higher compatibility in polyolefin resins such as PP and it improves the adhesivity and durability.
OGSOL SI-10-40 Structure


Polyolefin resin compatible

High adhesion

Improvement in durability

Inhibition of the oxidation degradation

High water repellency

Application Examples

Car parts

Packaging films

Resin pipes

Building materials

Physical Properties Table

  OGSOL SI-10-40
Appearance - Light yellow Liquid
(Less than toluene 5% content)
Molecular weight Mn 620
Mw 700

* Masterbatch containing 10wt% SI-10-40 is provided.

Solvent solubility

  • Measurement conditon: SI-10-40 is solved in the solvent on the below Table by using a shaker at room temperature.
  • Evaluation method: 10wt% solution was obtained at 1 hour ( ○ ) or not( × ).
Ethers Aromatic series Ketones Alcohols
THF Toluene acetone MEK Ethanol i-Propanol
OGSOL SI-10-40 × × ×

Resin properties

Adhesion data

After Polypropylene films coated with SI-10-40 are pasted each other, the interface between the films is fused rapidly by the heat.
Therefore, it improves the property of the adhesion intensity.

Fusion conditions :160℃, 120sec , 0.05MPa
Testing method :T-peel test
Thickness of Polypropylene films :0.5mm
* Measurement data of Professor Katsuhisa Tokumitsu
(The University of Shiga Prefecture)

Adhesion data

Silicon mapping

SI-10-40 has the high permeability to polypropylene resin.

Silicon mapping


After the interface between polypropylene films coated with SI-10-40 is fused by the heat, the lamellar structure is observed at the fused interface of the polypropylene films.

TEM(Polypropylene only)
Polypropylene only
TEM(Polypropylene coated with SI-10-40)
Polypropylene coated
with SI-10-40

Water repellency

Polyethylene resin(medium density) containing 3wt% SI-10-40 has the superior water repellency.

Water repellency(Polyethylene only)
Contact angle:87.9°
Polyethylene only
Water repellency(Polyethylene containing 3wt% SI-10-40)
Contact angle:94.0°
Polyethylene containing
3wt% SI-10-40

Inhibition of the oxidation degradation / Effect of Copper inhibitor

Polyethylene resin(medium density) containing 3wt% SI-10-40 inhibits the oxidation degradation.

Evaluation method: After immersion in 10 wt% CuCl2aq for 4500 hours, Polypropylene pipe was obserbed by FT-IR images.

Inhibition of the oxidation degradation / Effect of Copper inhibitor