OsakaGas Chemical Group's Management Principle

Mission / Action / Values

Osaka Gas Chemicals offers value to customers with its proprietary technologies and high-quality material solutions.

Through manufacturing, we contribute to a sustainable society, in which people live in harmony with nature.

Mission: Our mission, Values: Values that we cherish , Action guidelines: Specific action guidelines that we must abide by

1. Challenge

We continue to take on challenges by inheriting the knowledge and vision of our predecessors.

2. Growth

The company grows with its employees to contribute to the development of society.

We secure the financial resources that are indispensable for growth and achieve further growth.

3. Professional mindset

We have pride as professionals, work with commitment, and ensure the quality of our work.

We do not compromise quality and we deliver products that customers can trust.

4. Sincerity

We sincerely work with all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and local communities, and build trust.

At all times, we ensure legal compliance, be faithful to our commitments, and act impartially based on high ethical standards as citizens and members of society.

5. Respect for individuals and teamwork

We mutually respect diverse personalities and backgrounds and attach importance to a corporate culture in which each of us can work with motivation.

We bring together the strengths of individuals and achieve the best results as a team.

6. Health, safety, and the environment

We place top priority on health and safety as a chemical manufacturer.

We give consideration to harmony with the global and local environments.


Building a bridge to the future with chemistry