Halal Certification

What is HALAL?

Halal is a teaching of Islam that means “legal” or “permissible” in Muslim.
For Muslims, it is very important whether foods and beverages are certified according to Halal or not, since all they can eat are ensured to be “Halal”. In order to be as Halal, we must clear the various specific conditions; where we are allowed neither to use animal-derived components and alcohol nor to contain Najis (things or persons regarded as ritually unclean). When we satisfy these strict rules, the Muslim intellectual organization authenticated the foods and beverages as “Halal food and beverages” and this activity is called as “Halal Certification System”. Therefore, when you export foods to Muslim-majority countries, you’re sometimes demanded to submit Halal Certification.

The purpose of the acquisition of Halal

Activated Carbon is widely utilized in the manufacture process of foods and beverages. Osaka Gas Chemicals’ affiliate company Minabe Chemical Industries obtained Halal Certification by Japan Muslim Association in December, 2015, to enable customers all over the world to use our products more safely at ease. So we are pleased to be able to deliver our products globally.

Japan Muslim Association

Japan Muslim Association is the first Muslim organization in Japan. It was established in 1952 and approved as a religious corporation in June, 1968.

As to our Products certified


Activated carbon products produced in Osaka Gas Chemicals’ affiliate company Minabe Chemical Industries. (Aside from a few exceptions)