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Liquid Treatment

Applications Characteristics Grade
Purification Powdered. C
Decolorization M
High purification P
Purification of solvents Z
Purification of pharmaceuticals. SEISEI
Purification of pharmaceuticals. TOKUSEI
Decolorization and purification of various solvents. Granular. KL
Metals removal and recovery of precious metal catalysts. Powdered. ANOX-1
Purification of water for food processing and beverage uses. Granular. WH2c
Purification in food or pharmaceuticals applications, gas separation. Granular. LH2c
Treatment of sewage and waste water. Granular. WH5c
Purification of water for food processing and beverage uses. Pelletized. WH2x
Treatment of sewage, industrial wastewater. Spherical. X7000H
Removal of residual chlorine. Granular. WHA
Removal of mercury in wastewater. MAC-W

Gas Treatment

Applications Characteristics Grade
Purification/Deodorization Granular. G2c
Pelletized. G2x
Recovery of various vaporized organic solvents in gases. Pelletized. S2x
Adsorption of acidic gases. Pelletized. GH2x
Adsorption of hydrogen sulfide GS3x
Adsorption of basic gases GTsx
Adsorption of sulfides. GS2x
Removal of surplus ozone gases. Granular. GOC
Removal of doping gases. APRC
Removal of halogens and hydrogen halides. XRC
Removal of mercury vapor. MAC
Removal of mercaptans and sulfides. Granular. NCC
Pelletized. SRCx


Applications Characteristics Grade
Catalyst or catalyst support. Powdered. FAC-10
Granular. C2c
Pelletized. C2x

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Gas Separation

Applications Characteristics Grade
Nitrogen, Methane, Propane, Propylene separation. Pelletized. CMS
Hydrogen separation. Pelletized. X2M