Carbon molecular sieves(CMS)

Nitrogen Production

As the world leading manufacturer of CMS, Osaka Gas Chemical provides high quality products for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) applications.





Applications of Nitrogen gas

Application Purity Purpose
Ship 95~99.9% Explosion proof, Quality preservation
Laser cutting 99.5~99.9999% Assist gas, Antioxidant
Food & Beverage 99~99.5% Antioxidant, Quality preservation
Mine 95~97% Explosion proof, Safety measure
Chemical 95~99.999% Explosion proof, Quality preservation
Electronic 99~99.999% Purge, Reflow
Heat treatment 99~99.9999% Antioxidant, Quality improvement
Tire gas 99~99.99% Deterioration prevention, Improvement of fuel efficiency

CMS(Carbon Molecular Sieve)

→As the world leading manufacturer of CMS, OGC provides high quality products for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) applications

→Widely used for nitrogen generation up to 99.999% purity in a variety of industries

→Methane separation for biogas upgrading

→Impressive mechanical properties (high hardness, low dust formation) and reliable quality

※JIS K1474-2007
Standards Grades 3K-172 3R-172 ZK-420
Diameter (mm) 18±0.2
Bulk Density※ (g/mL) 0.680~ 0.720
Particale Size※ (mm) 2.800~1.180 2.360~1.000 2.800~1.180
Hardness※ (wt%) 98.0~ 93.0~ 93.0~

CMS are low-activated carbons presenting uniform and finely controlled pore size distribution on their surface, providing adsorption selectivity between different gases.

Production capacity and Market share of Osaka Gas Chemical Group

Osaka Gas Chemical Group

17 production facilities all around the world
One of the largest Activated Carbon companies in the world.

CMS’s Capacity of the world in 2015
CMS’s Capacity of the world in 2015

type capacity (t)
CNS 70,000
Wood 20,000
Coal 30,000
Total 130,000

Applications for Gas Treatment

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