What is Activated Carbon?

Activated Carbon History

The history of activated carbon can be traced far back to 1550 B.C.; at the time of ancient Egypt, activated carbon was used as remedies to treat poisonings. Since then, in addition to medical use, powdered activated carbon was mainly used for de-colorization at sweetener factories.

In the 20th century, during World War I, coconut shells were used as raw materials to produce granular activated carbon for military respirators. With the development of new activated carbon products, systems, and services, the production capacity of activated carbon steadily increased worldwide because of its convenience and competitive advantages in many applications.

Modern industrial development and urban congestion created environmental issues worldwide. Protecting the environment is vital to our quality of lives, which depends on the purity of air and water. Demands towards activated carbon have increased for advanced water treatment and purification of air by removing impurities such as dioxin.

Manufacturing Technology for Activated Carbon

Production Process

Manufacturing Technology for Activated Carbon

Manufacturing Technology for Activated Carbon

The category of products

Characteristics Grade: SHIRASAGI™ Brands
Powder Zinc chloride activated carbon CARBORAFFIN, KYOURYOKU, SEISEI, TOKUSEI
Steam activated carbon A, C, M, P
Granular Granular activated carbon Gc, Wc, LGK
Pelletized activated carbon G series, Gx, Sx, CMS
Spherical activated carbon X7000H, X7100H

The many applications of activated carbon include

  • For the food and pharmaceutical industry : De-colorization, Refinement and Purification of sugars, Alcohols etc.
  • For the chemical industry : Gas purification and separation, Solvent recovery, Exhaust gas deodorization, Exhaust ozone treatment, Catalyst and catalyst support
  • For the consumer goods industry : Cigarette filters, Refrigerator deodorizers, Point-of-use water treatment units, Disposable heating pads etc.
  • Water

    Purification of Tap water.Advanced Water Purification.Treatment of sewage and factory wastage.

    Shirasagi C(Powder Dry/Wet)
    Granular Activated Carbon LGK-400
    Granular Activated Carbon Wc
    Spherical Activated Carbon Series
  • Home・Life・Industry

    Decolorization, Purification and Separation Of Pharmaceuticals・Foods・Chemical Intermediates.Air Purifier.Water Purifier.Cigarette Filter.Solvent Recovery.

    Powdered Activated Carbon Series
    Granular Activated Carbon Sx
    Granular Activated Carbon WHA
  • Air

    Purification of industrial gases.Purification of gases of sewage plant.Adsorption of dioxin.Gas Separation.Air Filter.

    Granular Activated Carbon
    G Series, DO Series(Powdered)
    Carbon Molecular Sieve