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Global brand "SHIRASAGI®"

Having DNA inherited from the pharmaceutical manufacture, Osaka Gas Chemicals provides world class activated carbon solutions based on the sate-of-art technology and long experienced know-how, derived from diligent efforts and persist challenges since the start of manufacturing in 1937.
The brand “SHIRASAGI®” has been established as a global leading brand.


Solution for processed products

Our activated carbon specialty products are manufactured by our group company based on our originated fiber spinning and activation technology. Also products with designing and process technologies using our own unique adsorption materials such as granular activated carbon are also available.
We would like to reply to our clients’ requests regarding water treatment, air/gas treatment, water purifier, liquid purification, solvent recovery, medical use, and deodorization for industries and so on.

Solution for processed products

Osaka Gas Chemical Group Worldwide Network

We have good and competitive supply partners of raw materials globally. For manufacturing, subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Asia including Japan are widely dispersed geographically but integrated in quality and production process to secure stable supply. We are servicing to our customers in more than 100 countries through Jacobi Carbons AB who joined to our Osaka Gas Chemical Group in 2013, from 10 plants all over the world as one of the world leaders of activated carbon manufacturer.

Osaka Gas Chemical Group Worldwide Network

History of activated carbon business

1936 Introduces technologies of manufacturing activated carbons.
1937 Starts production of powdered carbons activated by zinc chloride.Starts sales of activated carbons with the brand name of SHIRASAGI.
1953 Starts production of powdered carbons activated by steam.
1962 Starts production of granular coconut-shell activated carbons in Shimizu Plant.
1968 Starts R&D and production of activated carbons for cigarette filters.
1969 Develops molecular sieving carbon, 5A.Minabe Chemical Industries, Ltd. is established in Wakayama, Japan.
1971 Century Chemical Works Sdn. Bhd. is established in Penang, Malaysia to start production of powdered carbons activated by steam.
1972 Davao Central Chemical Corporation is established in Davao, Philippines to start production of granular coconut-shell activated carbons.
1974 Starts production and sales of spherical activated carbons at Hakata Chemical Co., Ltd. in Ehime, Japan.
2003 Inauguration of Japan EnviroChemicals (split as 100% subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceutical).
2005 2005 Affiliated with Osaka Gas Group (transfer of stock from Takeda Pharmaceutical to Osaka Gas and Osaka Gas Chemicals).
2006 Introduces the divisional organization and establishes Activated Carbon Business Division.
2011 The Activated Carbon Facility for cigarette filters was moved from Shimizu Plant to Minabe Chemical Industries.
2014 The activated carbon production and sales company Jacobi Carbons AB and its 19 subsidiaries became members of the Osaka Gas Chemicals Group.
2015 Osaka Gas Chemicals merged Japan EnviroChemicals Ltd.
Minabe obtained Halal certification.
2016 DCCC obtained Halal certification.
  • R&D Laboratory, Osaka, Japan
    R&D Laboratory, Osaka, Japan
  • Powdered activated carbon facility in Century Chemical Works Sdn. Bhd.
    Powdered activated carbon facility in Century Chemical Works Sdn. Bhd.
  • Rotary kiln in Minabe Chemical Industries, Ltd.
    Rotary kiln in Minabe Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Production capacity

Powder activated carbon 21,000ton/year
Granular activated carbon 19,000ton/year
Molecular sieving carbon/
Carbon molecular sieve
Regenerated activated carbon 7,000ton/year

Production sites & group Companies

Minabe Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Head Office 173-1, Kisato, Minabe-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama 645-0011, JAPAN
TEL (+81)-739-72-3220
FAX (+81)-739-72-5009
URL http://www.minabe.co.jp/

Hakata Chemical Co., Ltd.

Head Office 290, Kinoura, Hakata-cho, Imabari, Ehime 794-2305, JAPAN
TEL (+81)-897-72-0013
FAX (+81)-897-72-2388

Davao Central Chemical Corporation (DCCC)

Head Office Km.19 Tibungco, Davao City 8000, Philippines
TEL +63-82-238-0042~5
FAX +63-82-238-0046
URL http://dccc-activatedcarbon.com.ph

Century Chemical Works Sdn. Bhd. (CCB)

Head Office Mk.1, No 1026, Lorong Perusahaan Dua, Prai Industrial Complex, 13609 Prai, Province Wellesley, Malaysia.
TEL +60-4-3907966
FAX +60-4-3907817
URL http://www.century-chemical.com/

Jacobi Carbons AB (Jacobi Carbons Group)

Head Office Slojdaregatan 1, SE-393 53 Kalmar, Sweden
TEL +46 480 41 75 50
FAX +46 480 41 75 59
URL http://www.jacobi.net/