Yasuo Ryoki, President and CEO Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd. Japan EnviroChemicals, Ltd.
Kei Takeuchi,
President and CEO
Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd.

The Osaka Gas Chemicals Group provides our customers with chemical materials and solutions.

At the core of the Daigas Group, we develop unique and high-value added materials in the fields of carbon and chemistry using the technology we have fostered in the carbon chemistry and medical related business. Our products are used around the world.
Currently our main products extend over a wide range, including highly functional materials such as pitch-based carbon fibers, activated carbon and fluorene. In addition we manufacture rigid insulation, friction materials, water purification filters, air purification filters, resin for lenses and resin for liquid crystal displays, etc., as well as wood preservatives, termite control agent, and industrial preservatives using our advanced compounding technology.

The result of bringing Jacobi Carbons AB group into our group in 2014, we have become the company of the third place in the field of the global active carbon business. Additionally by bringing Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals in 2015, we provide valuable solutions by meeting a variety of customer needs in the field of adsorbent materials.

The Osaka Gas Chemicals Group will continue to provide our customers with valuable functions through materials and solutions, and will strive to become a "Sustainable Value Creator", who continues to be a valuable corporation for our stakeholders.

Management philosophy We contribute to the enhancement of people's quality of living through the fulfilment of enriched environment and pleasant life by continuing to proactively identify customers' needs and to develop quality products with our unique technology in performance material.

Minabe Chemical Industries DCCC (Davao Central Chemical Corporation) OGC (Osaka Gas Chemicals) AD' ALL CCB (Century Chemical Works Sdn. Bhd.) OGCS Osaka Gas Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mizusawa Industrial chemicals Co., Ltd Carbons Group

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3E Business areas

New Energy
Development and manufacturing of production equipment components and next-generation materials for new-energy products, including solar cells and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.
Development and manufacturing of activated carbon and activated clay for water and air purification and water filter cartridges made with activated carbon, as well as preservatives for protecting wood structures against degradation and damage from insects and micro-organisms.
Electronics Optics
Development and manufacturing of electro-optic materials based on fluorene for products such as lenses for cell phones and digital cameras, and films for liquid-crystal displays.

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